Pay attention when you are selecting Plastic Bottle

Its been under our eyes for years and I had no idea what it meant.


Choosing water in plastic bottles, as well as buying different foods or beverages in plastic packaging, be sure to pay attention to the bottom of the bottle or carton. It is here that all the necessary information about the type of plastic from which the packaging is made. Some of the types of plastic can be safe, while others can harm your health. Plastic bottle label always contain a record of it from a type of plastic they are made. And this information is very important. In the end, any plastic bottle releases chemicals into the contents of varying degrees of risk.

Pay attention when you are selecting plastic bottle

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Top 20 Albums of 2015 (So Far…) 10-1

Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs

DSCN0423 copy

We are almost halfway through the year, and there have already been some great releases in 2015. With a stockpile of potentially great albums coming down the pipeline soon (Chance the Rapper, High On Fire, Beach House, Deafheaven, Frank Ocean, Jai Paul, Kanye West, Joanna Newsome, Majical Cloudz, Ghostface Killah, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, and allegedly, The Wrens) I’d like to take a breather and appreciate some of my favorite albums from the year so far. To try to keep some semblance of control, I’ve limited my list to 20 albums released prior to June 1st. Last week I posted the first half of the list (you can check it out HERE), and this week we will be looking at the top 10 albums.

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The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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This is for someone who is suffering the loss of a loved one right now. Know that God feels your pain and sorrow and will bring comfort to you in your brokenness.

triggers emotional reactions that are so real…
when we have suffered a loss…
and with it’s effects we have to deal.
For our responses all vary…
from shock, anger, anxiety, or fear.
And we can never anticipate reactions…
to the loss of someone or something dear.

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11 Health Hazards of Sitting too Long

Coffs Coast Health Club

sittingpain-front-leadWe live in a time where sitting takes up the majority of our day, but could sitting too long be slowly crippling our bodies?

Even with a daily exercise regimen, researchers are now saying that sitting for a major part of the day may be deadly in the long run, and are even making comparisons like, “sitting is the new smoking.” Check out this peer-reviewed article for more information on sedentary living and our health.


Did you know that people with sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease than people with standing jobs? When we sit, our muscles burn less fat, and our blood flows much slower than it should – this encourages the build-up and clogging of fatty acids in the heart. In fact, after just 2 hours of sitting, your HDL (“good”) cholesterol drops 20%!


When we sit…

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Comfort for Angels 

For the mothers who have lost a child 

For the child who has lost a mother 

When the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day”

Is uttered…

There comes a choke of pain

Behind the smiling,  

“Thank you” 

And hallmark can speak for those who live with us 

As I cry with those 

Who live without 
This is my angel-miss you baby 

Grief 101

This is the lesson in life that I hate- the class I would rather die, yes die- then take…loss…My brother died a year ago and I still can’t believe it. I miss him so much. 

I am lying in my bed trying to get some peace after the end of a long week and my neighbors are blasting Weezer- “my name is Jonas”. I wanted to yell at them but decided to drown in pills to numb my own thoughts. How are they to know I immediately remember jammin to that whole album with him- and the way he would do the air guitar and the expression on his face? My heart twists and claws to get out- to not hurt. My brother struggled with depression too and I’m mad he’s not here to talk with anymore. He understood me. He just got it. I feel like I am drifting in a sea of tears that have become a frozen pond- and I am   frostbitten- but I can’t die-I’m just stuck. I miss his craziness, I miss how much he loved me- he loved hard- he didn’t care about what others thought-it was an honor to be loved by him. He never made me feel bad for who I was- it didn’t matter what I was into or what stage I was emersed in- he loved me incredibly much. 

How do I grieve? I saw a grief counselor for a while and it was good but then it wasn’t. The “tools”do not always work. Write about it- work out- scream, she said. Ok- now what? Guess what, I am still angry and devastated! My daughter died seven years ago and no tool has helped me feel better. I guess it is learning how to live incomplete and to trust a world that has proven unfaithful. 

Sometimes I feel like an infant- crying in my crib, just waiting for arms of comfort to scoop me up and rock me to sleep. 

Thus far on my journey I have learned: there is this hole that burns and weeps- there is a constant fire that spreads and stings- it happens when you lose a loved one-its name is grief. 


How Do You Father Another Man’s Son? – a poem by Conney Williams (video post)

Hide your prayers inside their lunch…

Nikki Skies

“Don’t just lend them your name / give them the gristle at the end of your bone!
reveal your scars and your tears / hide your prayers inside their lunch” – Conney Williams

Enjoy this poetry video post featuring the words from a Los Angeles literary legend,
Conney Williams.

From the poetry cd, “unsettled water”. 

If you are in the Los Angeles area, support Conney at his release party, May 8th 6:30 pm at Vibrations, 2435 Manchester Blvd in Inglewood!
Please visit

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