The One You Love

Writings From Dr. Oolie's Pond

Kiss me deeply
and fill me with your love
Chase away the darkness within me
and hold me as I slowly become whole
Sit with me as the wounds heal
and let me know that the new scars are beautiful
because they are what have made me into the man I am today
The one you love
DRM 2015

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Jason Preu

and who we were back then,
young, fresh, hot but lame,
bleeds into who we are now.
who you were, when you died.

the weatherman says it’s 7 degrees outside
and i am doing laundry
while my wife
helps your wife
in ways i cannot.

we haven’t seen the sun in months.
ambient numbness has locked us in.
it’s cold and there is ice.
we curse these dark days,
dream of places where weather won’t offend.

the clothes dryer buzzes.
when i open the door
i’m blanketed by hot air
though the weatherman says it’s 9 degrees outside.

we can’t survive the cold without shelter;
can’t hold back it’s eternal return.
we can only make it through tucked together
inside small pockets of warmth.

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An Amazing Artist!

Putting My Feet in the Dirt

Wanted to share my favorite pianist with all of you.  His name is Alpin Hong.  The first song listed below will take you back a few years.  The second one, shows Alpin’s heart for helping children appreciate music.  He has dedicated his life to making music fun for students.  He is absolutely brilliant and loves to put on a good show!  The last song is my favorite song, Claire de lune, by Claude Debussy.  I play a little bit and I have a 13 yr. old daughter who loves to compose her own piano music.  How many of you enjoy piano music or play piano?

Here’s a link to Alpin Hong’s website.  Enjoy!

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The Great Wheel Turns….inspiration from Anie Belton!


Photo & Text credit: Global Love Project page on Facebook;

“Total Lunar Eclipse, April 4th, Libra Full Moon.
“The Great Wheel Turns” >> Eclipses are potent times.
There can be shake-ups. Doors may close, others may open, there is deeper insight and illumination, patterns may surface for release or healing, things may be stripped away that no longer serve – within or without. Opportunities may arise. Visions, inspirations, callings.
There may be endings, beginnings, purgings, transformations.
With Pluto plugging into this lunar eclipse a re-birth theme is highlighted more so.
You are walking through a doorway.
This eclipse also relates to other previous ones and to the intense Pluto-Uranus squares the last few years have seen, very recently over, though a last taste with their connection to this full moon.
Life will never be the same again.
It is time to step fully into the new.
Let your heart lead…

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