Comfort for Angels 

For the mothers who have lost a child 

For the child who has lost a mother 

When the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day”

Is uttered…

There comes a choke of pain

Behind the smiling,  

“Thank you” 

And hallmark can speak for those who live with us 

As I cry with those 

Who live without 
This is my angel-miss you baby 

I heard about your news…

DSCN1215 (2)

I found out you’re engaged today

Don’t be perplexed
I’m happy you’ve found your way
Just snagged my breath for a minute
Feel like life escaped me
As I remain in the distance
I remember when I dreamed of
A husband and a family
I fought so hard to keep it together
But it wasn’t meant to be
Turned out I married someone
Who got off on hurting me
So I climbed away
Only to be bruised again
The prop of a fake proposal
Oh the hurt when he rubbed that in
Just a game piece for a lie
But no time is mine to cry
For I long to catch up with life
Maybe it should have been me
I should’ve been your wife
Instead I wear the soldiers badge
In the fight of my life
It wasn’t meant to be
The happy family thing
For me
But today when I heard your news
It took me back
To when time called me a little girl
Against the openness of the grass
Wishing on a daisy
Playing house
A mama and a baby
Never dreamed my wishes would
Fall so far
A husband as a monster
And a gravesite covering my daughter